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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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The Top 5 Songs of April

Here's a recap of songs that I played the most in April. There's no statistics or anything, it just seemed like I played them a lot!

Anyway, here are the songs. The most played songs are at the top of the list. To hear a song, just click on the link. Clicking on the picture will give you a better view of the album art. Make sure that your pop-up blocker is disabled.

1.Se7en - I Know


2. Rain - Ways to Avoid the Sun

Ways to Avoid the Sun

3. Lee Soo Young - Grace

4. Yellow Tail - Super Bike (Goong S OST)

Goong S OST
5. DJ Sammy and Mos Def - Six Days

The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

There they are! Enjoy.


P.S. You can download these too. After you click on the link in the post, look for the download link in the Box.net page it takes you to.

A Glitch In Opera?

I really like the Opera browser and would use it full time (maybe) if it wasn't for this glitch.

Whenever I start typing a long line of text in Gmail, Blogger, or Wordpress, It starts going off of the page. Usually when I get ready to type another paragraph.

Here's a screenshot I took of the problem.

Opera Glitch

Click on the thumbnail and it will expand.


Ji Hoon Jun: a.k.a. Rain/비 (Bi)


I was looking at a list of popular Korean singers in Wikipedia's Contemperery Korean Music article. I got a sampling of his songs off of Multiply.com and thought they were pretty good. Anyway, I didn't know how popular he was. I mean, he's everywhere. He's one of the most popular Korean singers of modern day. Times Magazine put him on their 2006 Top 100 Most Influentual People List. In their article about him they said:Rain

"In Hong Kong his concerts sell out in 10 minutes, and across much of Asia, fans snap up pirated videos of his soap operas...Before he visited the U.S., Rain already had a fan base, thanks to Internet music sites, satellite TV and DVDs of his soap operas. Those are the same media that make it easier than ever for growing numbers of Americans to get their fix of Japanese anime, Bollywood films and Korean music—and vice versa..."

Ha Ha! Nope, that wasn't me on YouTube getting those episodes of Full House. Nuh-uh! *blink, blink* ;-)


Anyway, Korea.net said this in their Korean Wave section:

"Korean pop star Rain will spend another year promoting the country in 2007 as the Korea Tourism Organization has appointed the singer a goodwill ambassador for the second time last Thursday (Dec. 14)...As goodwill ambassador in 2006, Rain actively took part in a number of promotional activities to enhance Korea's image and attract tourists to the country."

It's pretty amazing what he's accomplished. Anyway, my favorite song of Rain's is called Taeyangeul Pihaneun Bangbeop (How To Avoid the Sun). It was a single that was released by him in 2003. I've linked it so just click on that title and you can listen/download the file.

I think he's a good singer and actor but I'm not so sure about his personality and morals and such. In his concerts he tends to have scantily-clad girls dancing around him like he's a God instead of alongside him. I don't appreciate that much and don't have a whole lot of respect towards him.

Still, he'll be just as popular as ever...

He wants to become popular in America. Maybe that's why he does this, because various American rappers do it. Still, he shouldn't have to stoop to those levels.

Ah well, I'll find someone else. Ways to Avoid the Sun is really good though, even if you don't like Rain.

ZB24 :-)